Sotheby’s launches Bitcoin Ordinals auction with BitcoinShrooms collection

Share this article Renowned art auction house Sotheby’s is making history by holding the first public sale of works from the Bitcoin Ordinals collection. The first series titled “BitcoinShrooms” was created by digital artist with the pseudonym Shroomtoshi. Bitcoin Ordinals are NFTs of the Bitcoin blockchain, leveraging its decentralized, censorship-resistant design and infrastructure. While similar … Read more

Huntsman Building Solutions introduces new innovative Pour-in-Place Foam

Huntsman Construction Solutions announced the launch of new and improved Pour-in-Place Foam. The foam solution line has recently been enhanced with HFO-based technology providing performance benefits as well as significantly reducing impact on the Earth. Innovative foam products are offered in varying densities, providing thermal insulation and structural support, and are ideal for use in … Read more

Outlook 2024: Part III | Smart investor

Here’s what investors should expect from next year… New Year is approaching. Investors are reassessing their portfolios and assessing the macroeconomic landscape to decide how to position their assets going forward. Below is some of the latest information on the 2024 outlook from global asset managers and international institutions to help investors make more informed … Read more

5 Tips for Traditional Staircase Design – Kerr Design Build

by Nisha MacNeil, Design Director Stairs are an obvious design feature that can add a wow factor or an elegant impression to your home renovation. Here are some tips for traditional style staircases to get the look you desire. 1. The painted steps and treads are stained The tread is the tread of the staircase, … Read more

As ESG commitments continue to grow, who is watching?

Climate-related commitments have grown in popularity in recent years, as governments and business leaders have clearly and unequivocally stated their commitments to environmental, social and governance practices. (ESG). While admirable, these ambitious plans often yield unclear results, putting companies at risk of making promises they can’t keep. With ESG commitments on the rise, what do … Read more

How to combine the principles of Stoicism and Minimalism for an Optimal Life

In our rapid pace of development, the principles of Stoicism and Minimalism have emerged as signs of clarity and wisdom. These philosophies, although distinct in approach, share a common goal: to simplify our lives and foster a sense of purpose and satisfaction. In this article, we will explore the enormous impact of Stoicism and Minimalism … Read more

Do you remember 2020? Data shows that long-term holders demand higher prices to sell BTC

Bitcoin has attracted a new generation of holders over the past three years, as resilient investors are holding on to their assets. Data from HODL Waves is widely used Metric system revealed that individuals who purchased Bitcoin in late 2020 chose to retain their coins without selling. Long-term holders continue to accumulate Bitcoin Despite the … Read more

Hip, hip, Hooray! Coastal Windows & Exteriors is ranked in the US HIP Top 200 Home Improvement Companies for community service, industry certifications, etc.

As 2023 comes to a close, Coastal Windows & Exteriors is proud to receive another award from Qualified remodeler. We are excited to share that we are ranked as one of the 200 largest home improvement companies in the country—a recognition known as the HIP 200. How did Coastal make the HIP 200 list? It’s … Read more

OPEC+ skepticism caused crude oil prices to slide

In the early hours of Wednesday’s Asian session, crude oil prices traded lower, reflecting ongoing skepticism surrounding the effectiveness of OPEC+ production cuts. Markets also reacted to growing concerns about China’s economic outlook. This pushed US Brent crude oil and WTI futures prices to their lowest levels since July 6. OPEC+ Assurance and China Virgin … Read more